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Ryan for @ftjco in the Choco, Colombia

My name is Ryan Taylor I’m a social entrepreneur in Toronto, Canada. I’d like to welcome you to #bcorp; part resource guide, part fan site, & part soap box for my experiences with all things related to ‘B Corporation’ certification, community & business. This site was born out of a need for local resources and unbranded materials required to properly asses the benefits, (required) resources, and affects of adoption on traditional corporate model(s).

Over the next few months I will be exploring, interviewing, documenting and commenting on ‘B Corp’ certification as I move my company: The Fair Trade Jewellery Co. through the process. I hope by making this information accessible so more companies will reflect on their social/environmental governance and policy.


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Disclaimer: This site is a community resource page we are not apart of, nor paid by ‘B Corporation’ For more info and resources please visit: http://www.bcorporation.net

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